Frojd Hotel offers a rich menu with bio-product basis. Fish, meat vegetables, etc. cooked with care and quality. The combination of the products, with the talent of our cook that is specialized in Italy, make our foods tasteful. The choice in the menu will be difficult, because we offer all specialties, Italian and Albanian.

The hotel has two kitchens, to serve the clients faster and with quality.
In the first floor where is located the self-service restaurant, the kitchen is placed in such way, that wherever you seat, you will be able to see the preparation of the food that will be served to you.
We cook the most famous Italian spageti, but even more other plates with sea fruits basis. Everything is fresh and cooked in at the moment.
To provide the fish, we have collaborated with the biggest company in Albania for the marketing of the sea products, Rozafa Fish.

We cook delicious dishes even in the kitchen of the panoramic restaurant.
The clients can choose everything that is on the menu and remain satisfied.

The food is important, but in our kitchen it becomes an art.