Motorboat rides.

For all the vacationers, Frojd Hotel offers the sailing in the deep waters of Adriatic sea. With two motorboats in the client’s disposal, the hotel gives you the opportunity to visit the whole Adriatic coast, from the delta of Buna till the delta of the Drin river.
The motorboat trips will add the pleasure of your days, offering to you the opportunity to live the magic offered by the sea.
Visits in historical and cultural centers.

For the children

In Frojd Hotel a special care is dedicated to the children. To wake the smile in their faces, a playground is built especially for them. A playground where can play children of every age. In this playground we have from the usual children’s games till the ball games, like volleyball for the elder ones. This is because Frojd Hotel thinks to make as happy as possible the holidays of the children.

For the vacationers

Frojd Hotel is the place where all the vacationers can take the sun rays and enjoy the Adriatic sea. A wonderful place with curative values, in a 100 meters distance from the sea are placed 200 chaises and 100 tents, that are well organized and with a regularity that offers the pleasure of seeing and tasting. The place around them is cleaned periodically by the staff which is always on the move to make sure there is the needed cleanness. We do everything, so that the vacationers can feel comfortable and enjoy as much as they can the pleasure that offers the summer.